General Non-Fiction

Tigers of the Korean Peninsula

A history of both Korea’s Panthera tigris tigris population, and South Korea’s “tiger” economy, 2021


A short comic ‘dispatch’ on the impact of COVID on Korea’s working women, 2020

National Adoption Awareness Month

An introduction to an annual, U.S. government-initiated event to promote adoption, 2020

Blue Bayou

Documenting the issues of narrative control and best-practice advocacy raised by the production of film “Blue Bayou”, 2021


Birth Family Search
(Part 1 & 2)

Two short moments in the birth family search I initiated while living in Korea, December 2019 and October 2020.


The third part of my birth family search, based on a letter begun during a daytrip to my birth city during my last days in Korea, 2021.

Asian Girls

Comic made for Eisner Award-winning anthology “Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival”, 2019. Click image to read on The Lily.

Piece for 4A Gallery

Commissioned work about adoption and language for 4A Gallery’s “4A Digital”, 2020. Click to read on their website.


 A short zine insert for Going Down Swinging #40 about losing and gaining a name, 2020.


Interpreting advice from a mental health care professional. Designed for risograph, 2016.

A Part of Me is Still Unknown

Ignatz Award-nominated comic about first trip back to Korea, created in 2018. Click image to read on The Nib.