General Non-Fiction

A history of both Korea’s Panthera tigris tigris population, and South Korea’s “tiger” economy, 2021

A short comic ‘dispatch’ on the impact of COVID on Korea’s working women, 2020

An introduction to an annual, U.S. government-initiated event to promote adoption, 2020

Documenting the issues of narrative control and best-practice advocacy raised by the production of film “Blue Bayou”, 2021


Two short moments in the birth family search I initiated while living in Korea, December 2019 and October 2020.

The third part of my birth family search, based on a letter begun during a daytrip to my birth city during my last days in Korea, 2021.

Comic made for Eisner Award-winning anthology “Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival”, 2019. Click image to read on The Lily.

Commissioned work about adoption and language for 4A Gallery’s “4A Digital”, 2020.

 A short zine insert for Going Down Swinging #40 about losing and gaining a name, 2020.


Interpreting advice from a mental health care professional. Designed for risograph, 2016.

Ignatz Award-nominated comic about first trip back to Korea, created in 2018. Click image to read on The Nib.