Conducting zine workshop as part of “Transfer Station”, Seoul. Image by  Sarah Buhler.

Meg O’Shea is an Ignatz award-nominated Korean adoptee comic maker, educator and researcher based in Sydney, Australia (Wangal Country) .

She makes largely autobiographical and non-fiction work that has appeared in The Nib, The Lily, Liminal Magazine, The Comics Journal and anthologies including Comic Sans, Steady Diet, Threads That Connect Us and the Eisner award-winning Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival. She has exhibited comic, animation and film work internationally, taught comic making to university students, developed and delivered comics programs to high school-aged students from migrant and refugee backgrounds with STARTTS, and art programs to elementary-aged students in Korea.

Meg is currently working on a long-form work based on her experiences as the Asian child of white parents in Australia, a recent period of living in Korea, and a failed search for her Korean mother. (Spoiler: a lot of soju is involved.)


Selected comics

2022 – “Third Time’s a Charm” (Liminal Magazine)

2022 – “Overlay” (The Comics Journal)

2022 – “Routine” (The Offing Magazine)

2021 –Paper Fictions, Social Realities” in The Nib Magazine #9 (The Nib)

2021 – “Screen Share” in Opposights: Alternative Comic Scenes from Australia and Portugal (Silent Army)

2021 – Tigers of the Korean Peninsula” in Immediately Before the End of Everything (Pinch Press)

2020 – “Human Resources” in The Nib Magazine #7 (The Nib)

2020 – Sight Lines commission for Interiors (Liminal Magazine)

2020 – Untitled Comic commission for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

2020 – Untitled Comic in Steady Diet (Blueprint Comics)

2020 – Untitled Comic in Threads That Connect Us (Peach Bun Press)

2019 – “The Response” in The Nib Magazine #5 (The Nib)

2019 – “자경” zine insert for Going Down Swinging #40

2019 – “Asian Girls” in  Drawing Power, Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival (Abrams Books)

2019 – “Giant” in Comic Sans #2

2018 – Untitled Comic in The Lifted Brow issue 38

2018 – Korean Cartoonists Respond to the Peace Process(The Nib)

2018 – “80s, 90s and Shit Stuff” in Meet Me in the Pit #1 (Blueprint Comics)

2018 – “Particular Inheritance” in The Suburban Review #9

2018 – A Part of Me is Still Unknown(The Nib)

2017 – “Some Girls” for Minicomic of the Month Club (self published)


Selected exhibitions and events

2022 – “Behind the Lines: A Night With the Artists” panellist (NSW Parliament House)

2022 – “Drawing Your Own Bed and Lying in It: Comics and the Autographic Turn” panellist (Addi Road Writers’ Festival)

2021 – “Behind the Lines: The Year in Political Cartoons” Exhibitor and Researcher (Canberra, Australia)

2021 – “We Are Many” group exhibition and panel discussion (online)

2021 – “Off the Page: Design, Illustration and Authorship in Contemporary Comics” panel discussion (online)

2021 – “Still Alive” launch “Read to Me” comic reading (Sydney, Australia)

2021 – Goodspace Gallery “6th Birthday” group exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2020 – Guest artist for City of Melbourne’s “Rainy Day Comics” program (online)

2020 – Gasamrojieul “No-Show” solo exhibition (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 – TactileBosch Lounge “Performativity” group exhibition (Cardiff, Wales)

2019 – wwwspace “Performativity” group exhibition (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 – I Art Seoul “Adoptees Kreate” group exhibition (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 – Gallery 25, Edith Cowan University Sequence and Consequence” group exhibition (Perth, Australia)

2019 – Alternative Artspace IPO “Mayfly 19” group exhibition (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 – “Electric Cinema Short Film Festival” (Seoul, South Korea)

2019 – Goodspace Gallery “Zine-o-Matic” group exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2018 – Small Press Zine Fair “Read to Me” (Hobart, Australia)

2018 – Fairfield Museum “A Night at the Museum” Read to Me comic reading (Sydney, Australia)

2017 – Zine There Done That “Read to Me” comic reading (Thirroul, Australia)

2017 – Comic Con-versation “Read to Me” comic reading (Sydney, Australia)

2017 – Self-Made: Zines and Artist Books group exhibition (Melbourne, Australia)


Selected illustration work

2019 – “Who to Serve and Protect” (Workers solidarity #5)

2019 – Accompanying “Murder Capital” by Aimee Knight (The Lifted Brow #43)

2019 – Cocktail menu design for Knox St Bar

2018 – Sock design (Megafem)

2018 – Accompanying “Shirt Dresses that Look A Little Too Much Like Shirts So That It Looks Like You Forgot to Put Pants On (Love Will Save The Day) by Elizabeth Tan (The Lifted Brow issue 37)

2017 – Accompanying “The False Promises of the Apolitical Centre” by Mark Dean (The Lifted Brow issue 35)

2017 – “Vanishing Act” based on a story by Eric Myers (Australian Broadcasting Corporation/The Nib)

2017 – Wall decals and promotional materials for “Self-Made, Zines and Artist Books” touring exhibition (State Library Victoria)

2016 – Accompanying “How Piracy Became a Cause Celebre in the World of Academics” by Liam O’Donoghue (Motherboard)

2015 – Radio With Pictures’  “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Michelle Law (ABC Radio National)



2022 – Interview on ZINE! (Yarra Valley Radio)

2022 – Interview on The Glasshouse  (Triple R radio)

2021 – “Q&A With Cartoonist Meg O’Shea” (Museum of Australian Democracy)

2019 – “#MeToo-inspired comics anthology shines light on women cartoonists’ experiences of sexual harassment, assault” by Teresa Tan (ABC Arts)

2019 – “Meg O’Shea” Adopted Feels Podcast episode 14 produced by Hana Crisp and Ryan Gustaffson

2019 – “A new book captures stories of sexual violence, harassment and survival, in comic form. Here’s a glimpse inside.” by Nneka McGuire (The Lily)

2019 – “Drawing Power – Review”, by Robert Kirby  (The Comics Journal)

2019 – “All The Best” produced by Ryan Pemberton (FBI Radio, Sydney)

2019 – “Or It Didn’t Happen” podcast produced by Zacha Rosen (FBI Radio, Sydney)

2018 – “Ten of Australia’s Best Literary Comics” by Gabriel Clark (The Conversation)

2018 – Featured artist on the Cartoonists of Color Database

2018 – Featured artist on the Queer Cartoonists Database

2018 – “Q&A with Meg O’Shea” (The Suburban Review)

Awards & Nominations

2020 – “Best Anthology” Eisner Award (for Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival anthology, edited by Diane Noomin)

2020 – Bronze Ledger Award (for Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival anthology, edited by Diane Noomin)

2018 – “Outstanding Online Comic” Ignatz Award nomination (for A Part of Me is Still Unknown)

Teaching and Research

Folio Contemporary Australian Comics 1980 – 2020: A New History / Research Assistant


Assisting in research activities for an Australia Research Council project that aims to map, archive and promote Australian comics and graphic novels produced in the last forty years, and the artists who created them.

Museum of Australian Democracy / Researcher


Contributing to the selection of works for inclusion in MoAD’s annual “Behind the Lines: The Year in Political Cartoons” exhibition, as part of the museum’s aims to reflect a more diverse range of cartooning practices and creators.

“Nalara” Little Library / Art teacher

JUNE 2019 – AUGUST 2020

Planning and instructing after-school art program for children from elementary to early middle school age in Seoul, Korea.

Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) / Comic Program Facilitator


Developing a program for and instructing comic making classes for students from refugee and migrant backgrounds at a Sydney high school, in close collaboration school and STARTTS staff.

University of Technology Sydney / Student Demonstrator

MARCH 2015 – JUNE 2016

Assisting in the delivery of a comic-making unit for undergraduate university students.


Master of Animation (Narrative Media)

University of Technology Sydney 2014 – 2016

Bachelor of Visual Arts with First Class Honours

Sculpture, Performance and Installation Studio

Sydney College of the Arts 2008 – 2011